Bablic can change all that

Bablic is a hands-off complete localization solution. Bablic will automatically detect and update your site, leaving you to worry only for your original content.

The installation is the easiest. Copy the code snippet from our site, paste in your HTML files, and you’re integrated! Bablic detects translatable content automatically. From here the choice is yours: You can let Bablic do all the work, send text to translators, fix page design and even handle images, or you can use our intuitive GUI and review or translate your site yourself. Bablic will act as a translation memory system and save you from translating anything twice. Bablic updates all the time and keeps your site localized without worrying.

Billions of new users are awaiting your site, billions of opportunities are just couple of clicks away.





5 thoughts on “Bablic can change all that

  1. I have a few friends who might benefit from your service, and will recommend you 🙂 It will certainly help me as well (I won’t have to work on their translations as often as I’ve had to so far)

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