What is Localization?

Localization (l10n) is the process of making a product suitable & accessible for population other than the one it was originally developed for. Internationalization (i18n) is the mechanical process of building or modifying a product to support different locales.

L10ized websites benefits from a substantially better UX, higher ROI and exposure to foreign markets, that is a fact. Even though, only a small portion of existing websites have seized that opportunity. Currently, over 65% of global Internet users L10ztion needs are unattended.

What’s the big issue? Why doesn’t everyone do it?

Locating a trustworthy translators in all desired locales, controlling the flow of information from and to the translators , integrating the output in the web site and the need to analyze and decide on one’s localization needs makes L10ization a cumbersome, expensive and time consuming challenge which acts as a barrier, preventing many organization from completing the process. Organizations that follow through will face the burden of maintaining a L10ized web site, one which require the process to repeat itself on every site update.

Developers do not like to create a i18n ready site. Its time consuming and boring. Trust us. We’ve been there. It is out of reach for Frontend developers – a large portion of the web developers community. As always – the result is that making i18n ready sites is expensive, converting an existing site into one can cost as much as creating a brand new site.

Not only that all localization solutions require programming effort, they usually don’t give a complete solution. Localization content can come from static HTML pages, micro-templates, javascript code and from the DB. Some content is embedded in images, videos and audio files. Many times, CSS modification is required and with some languages also Bi-Directional support.

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